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Paperless Office Preparing for a paperless future

By. ADMIN 1485

In the past 13 years, advancements in technology has made it possible to see that the world we live in can be transformed to become paperless, both at home and in the workplace. Studies in the United States of America found that previously an individual office employee uses around 10,000 sheets of paper per year, with no signs of trying to reduce paper use. Advancements and availability of technology has made people realise that a paperless society is now a reality and very possible. These technological advancements include improved wireless communication networks, secured data storage and management systems, and identity verification systems. Organisations that want to take a step closer to a paperless working environment can start from the following three actions.

Mobile Office Every location can be your office

By. ADMIN 629

In an era where almost everything is driven by technology, including the way we work and our office lifestyle, it has forced businesses to alter the way they function and operate to be updated with the Digital Era. Communication has become extremely efficient and people are able to be in touch with one another no matter where they are in the world. Now that people are able to work from anywhere and still be connected, Mobile Office is one thing businesses are paying attention to and turning towards.

SMART Tax Your Tax Assistant

By. ADMIN 600

SMART Tax is a corporate-grade electronic-tax service that will assist you, no matter the size of your business, to make dealing with tax a simple task. SMART Tax comes with many benefits. It helps manage your accounting and financials, reduces costs involved with paper use, helps send or submit documents, and manages the storage of files in an orderly manner. Sending e-Tax Invoices & e-Receipts to consumers or vendors is also a breeze through SMART Tax with our Electronic Identity Verification system, which meets the standards set by The Revenue Department.